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Published on 4th June 2018


Who I am 

My name is XXX, I'm 27 years old, soon to be husband and hopefully a father someday. I currently work for Bank of America. I started my own photobooth company after a year ago from helping a few friends with theirs. Working a few events and getting to meet such amazing people and seeing how happy they were from taking pictures I thought, "well I can do this."

The Name

Box OF MEMORIES was something simple I came up with. A girl I was talking to was showing me some things from her past and it was all in a box, I think most of us have a box from Jr. High and high school with pictures and stuff and she said it was like her box of memoreis. And I figure well most people put pictures they take in a box and keep it for later.


About Me 

My name is XXX. I decided to start my own photobooth company about a year ago after I helped a few friends run their booths. I was able to meet some amazing people and saw how something as simple as taking pictures filled each person with so much joy and happiness. I had so much fun that I thought I’d start my own photobooth company and give it a shot [no pun intended]! The rest is history.

Behind The Name 

The name behind the photobooth, “BOX OF MEMORIES,” was something simple I came up with after thinking about where memories are kept. A memory is defined as “something remembered from the past.” While most memories are impressions in our mind, many of them are memorialized through tangible objects, or keepsakes.

Most of us have at least one box that we keep filled with our important items (aka our memories, memorabilia, or mementos). Some of these items might include old toys, trophies, college papers, journals, wedding invitations, and even photos [believe it or not, some people still keep prints of their important photos!].

The list of items we keep in these boxes and collect over the years could go on and on. This is how the name “BOX OF MEMORIES” came to be. When we take the time every so often to look through our mementos, our minds are transported back to the special time that each item represents.

I want everyone who uses the “BOX OF MEMORIES” photobooth to experience the same feeling when they look at their pictures years from now. Each picture creates a memory, and I want your memory to begin with the “BOX OF MEMORIES” photobooth. 

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