Annual Conference Apparel Pre-Sale Social Posts

Published on 1st June 2018

Do you have your GO BEYOND apparel yet? If your answer is no, then purchase your convention apparel NOW and take advantage of our pre-sale 3-pack t-shirt promo. What better way to make your team look unified and professional? Take advantage of the limited time promotion by clicking here!

Our 3-pack t-shirt promo is available NOW. Click here to receive a discount when you purchase the 3-pack, rather than buying t-shirts individually. Available in colors [x, y, z], each tee has the “GO BEYOND” message on the front and says “[x, y, z]” on the back. By sporting these tees, you’ll be promoting team spirit and marketing your campaign for the Blitz!

Did you know you can purchase GO BEYOND themed apparel? There’s something for everyone! Available are t-shirts, sportswear (shorts and capri pants), hoodies, and tanks – all with our exclusive GO BEYOND Designs. Get yours before anyone else by purchasing here!

Are you constantly in the gym or getting your fitness on? If so, you need to get your hands on our GO BEYOND sports apparel (short and capri pants). [Description here]. Consider these as recruiting magnets that can promote engagement with others who may also share your dream! Get your sportswear here!

YOR Health GO BEYOND Apparel Tip: Make your apparel work overtime by placing it strategically so it gets noticed. Example: When you’re at the coffee shop, place your branded hoodie on the outside of your chair so it can be seen while you’re sitting down. This is a great way to share the GO BEYOND message to prospects without having to lift a finger. It’s a no-brainer!

Did you know that simply by wearing your YOR Health GO BEYOND apparel, you can inspire conversation and promote your business? Sport your tank [description] everywhere you go to promote the Blitz and the GO BEYOND message. Branded apparel makes it easy to visually connect with prospects and create conversation with people who are curious.

Don’t forget to share photos of you and your teams wearing your GO BEYOND apparel! A t-shirt travels as far as the person wearing it – and can be seen in places your marketing campaigns cannot reach. By sharing photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you are extending your outreach tremendously. Plus, your team will look unified and professional. Click here to purchase your apparel if you haven’t yet! 

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