About Me

I’m a sun-obsessed, hedgehog-loving Freelance Copywriter and Copyeditor living in Orange County.

When I don’t have my fingers glued to the keyboard, you’ll find me working on my other business (I make jewelry!), baking, or spending time at the river. There’s nothing more valuable to me than time spent with the people I love. 

I live my life drawing from creative inspiration [and as cliché as it sounds], I follow my heart! 

When I was in school, my favorite part of class was peer editing. I thought there was something so special and powerful about having that red pen in hand, marking up my suggestions on my peers’ papers.  

This eventually led to my passion for writing and editing. In high school, I began offering my skills to my family and friends, and the word continued to spread. Fast-forward to today, I now have my own Freelance Copywriting and Copyediting business. 

My many years of experience working in this industry and my background in communications have allowed me to work with a variety of clients in many industries – and it’s been the most rewarding experience.